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The Team

Meet the team behind the company.

The case for Integrated Communications

Does your organization approach marketing-communications with all the tools available in today’s marketplace?  Does your marcomm team use an integrated approach to maximize their full potential, or are your teams siloed?  If all the parts of your business are fully integrated, why wouldn’t you have an integrated strategy for marketing-communications? 

Too often, marketing-communications departments operate independently from one another, competing over limited budgets and forgoing powerful resources, resulting in lackluster performance, brand confusion, and potential corporate liability. 

Marketing-communications has evolved beyond the one-off press release, or misplaced advertisement of days past.  Integrated Communications (IC) combines marketing and communications tools into one cohesive strategy to elevate your brand and optimize opportunities for your organization.


INFORM is a leader in IC.  We provide high-level strategy and execution using incorporating public relations, marketing, innovative digital and graphic design, video production, ad placement, social and new media deployment, and crisis management to meet your goals. We put information to work for you through one voice.  Your voice.  The rest is simply noise.


The principles of our firm are leaders in our industry, with nearly 20 years experience working in the communications field.  We have been employed by Fortune 500 companies, been at the start-up table with new ventures, and worked for agencies both large and small.  The result: professionals uniquely qualified to assess your organization’s needs and capable of exceeding your goals.