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20 May


Making Your Company More Social

May 20, 2014 | By |

With hashtags and selfies being so ingrained in our lexicon that even grandparents are using them, it is clear social media and the nuances of behavior in an online social world are now part of our culture.

Unfortunately this acceptance and evolution has not carried over into corporate life. It is up to savvy communicators to help senior management and junior staffs alike use their online networks and social savvy during work hours to benefit your brand.

Communicators need to encourage all employees to share corporate news and information with their networks. No, I am not suggesting a mandate of “each employee must retweet 5 corporate tweets a month.” We need to create an environment where people are encouraged to share the information that interests and impacts them. People will share corporate information with “personal” networks if it makes them look good. Is the company highlighting a project they worked on? Did their company just get featured on national news? Did something funny happen at the office? If a person can see there is a positive connection to be made between themselves and a brand, they’ll share a post.  

So how do we do this? It is important to look at the type of information we are putting out over our brand’s social media.  Is it something fun that I would want to share? Do I have to rewrite it to make it sound like it is coming from a human and not the press release generator machine? Make it easy and even (dare I say,) fun to share news about your company.

Start a weekly employee email that highlights the week’s posts on social media. Include links to the original posts and encourage employees to share the posts with their networks. If they start seeing interesting information, hopefully they will start to follow company social properties in real time and share throughout the week.

Keep the tone of the posts light and personal. Is there a piece of content you are trying to get people to download? Create posts that pull out the more provocative insights and highlight those instead of just a “Download our latest whitepaper on X.” Can you do a quick video even just using an iPhone with team members reading some of the stats or facts in the piece?  Instead of just posting a press release, take behind the scenes photos of your team at work and post with an update on a new contract win, tech implementation, funding round, etc…All of these give your company a bit more personality and will make employees take notice and maybe even smile. These smiles may even trigger fingers to hit “share.”