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26 Mar


Everyone Has an Opinion – Make Yours Add to Your Bottom Line

March 26, 2014 | By |

I was recently introduced to a health and wellbeing physician who so impressed me with his public relations finesse that I thought I could learn a thing or two from him. The following day, I met a wealth management professional with such presence on camera and large media footprint, that I actually felt almost irrelevant to the marketplace. What in the world could I offer these two, I wondered? The reality is in today’s frenetic media world, most professionals who have made a success of their careers have done so by making themselves a brand, then pushing that brand to every media outlet that would have them. Once considered aggressive, this type of public relations is simply a prerequisite in business.

So, how does one become a brand in and of oneself, without a scandal? It’s rather easy.

  1. Start with what you know-chose a subject matter or singular relevant aspect of your profession that fuels your passion.
  2. Become a subject matter expert-research and learn all that you can on the subject.
  3. Challenge conventional thinking-push the boundaries of commonly held wisdom on that subject and challenge people’s thinking, or approach.
  4. Take the lead-become a prolific writer, blogger and speaker on the subject.
  5. Broadcast your work-hire a PR professional to push out your work through social media, news interviews, guest or contributing columnist spots, panel discussions, and keynote speaking opportunities.

Push forward every day and don’t be shy. You will become a hot commodity provided you have something interesting, innovative, or inspiring to add to the conversation. And remember to make your contribution relevant. Scandal is quickly replaced by yet newer scandal. The stuff of legend stands the test of time because it inspires.

Here are two professionals who inspire me:

Michael Farr, President, Farr, Miller & Washington

Dr. Mark Hyman